August 27, 2008

Liz Seymour enjoying the last full week of August

A lot has been going on this week.

I've been back at work and really enjoy preparing for my new group of students. I've also been reassured that the great people I work with really make my job… I can tell how much I've missed them.

Sunday was a long but productive day. I went to the theater to work on the set of Seussical, which opens next month. I did a lot of painting and didn't get too much on my clothes. I found it touching that a lot of the younger cast members kept coming up to me to assist them or guide them in an activity. I was honored.

Working on the set was followed by a cast and crew dinner which was a lot of fun. I was sure to delve into the dessert table! The night ended with rehearsal.

On Monday, I started my first grad class. I'm excited to get started and to further my expertise as a teacher. I really like the professor, and I think that is half the battle of putting together a successful class.

During this week and last, I've been listening to the Pre-Mix CD nonstop. I've started marking down parts of songs that need to be fixed (I'm glad that I haven't gotten sick of it yet). I haven't shared this version with my friends because I'd rather they hear the full and final product.

The excitement builds. Next week we're back in the studio!

Hmmmm… teaching, graduate school, Seussical, some time for my friends and family, and my CD. Pretty full life!

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