August 9, 2008

Charlie Seymour Jr says Follow Me On Twitter While In Vegas

One more note from me as Liz is "recovering" from a super week in the studio recording her new CD: Liz Seymour – That Thing Called Love.

The Pre-Mix CD is in our hands and it sounds GREAT. We're now deciding which small changes to make and then we add final instrumentation in early Sept.

Next week is all about making a music video in Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and Grand Canyon. Liz and I fly out on Sunday and back the following Sunday.

To follow what we're doing, go to my Twitter account and follow me: To Follow Charlie Seymour Jr on Twitter Click Here!

Or follow in my Status on Facebook. If you're a member of FB, Follow Me On Facebook By Clicking Here!

Liz is working really hard to make this the best CD ever. I hope you've seen the videos – Click Here To See Videos From The Recording Sessions!

Have a great week. We'll be back to you soon.


PS: Be sure to follow us on Twitter! Join to follow me over the week!

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