August 7, 2008

Liz Seymour Creates New, Powerful Signature Song: Still Hurting

Life can surprise you, can't it? Those little gems that you weren't expecting. Those deep emotional places we each go to at specific times in our lives, those places that hurt us yet make us stronger when we grow through them.

Liz has been asked to rest after two very productive days in the recording studio, so I'm back writing. She and Gina have really been cranking out the songs and it's nearly time to add the final instrumentation and go for the final wrap. And then next week we're in Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon for one of our music videos (wow… so much to do, and it's all very exciting!).

Creating a CD takes MANY things: song choice, a great set of artists working closely together, a supportive studio with an encouraging engineer, and snacks – lots of snacks (oops, maybe those are just what are important to me!).

And then to market the CD, it takes an even longer list… and I'll write about that at another time.

Liz did most of the song choice herself and then checked with Gina, Claudia, Josh, Brian, and others. She has a passion for the music she sings so coming up with ONLY 12 was difficult.

Liz has had several "Signature Songs" over the years including "Gimme Gimme" from Thoroughly Modern Millie (with which she won Miss West Chester University in 2004), "Fade To Blue" which Leanne Rimes made famous (which Liz sang throughout high school – she and Leanne are about the same age), and quite a few others.

She seems to gravitate to songs which tell a story and often get you cheering right along with her OR which rip your heart out.

And I predict a new, powerful, emotional Signature Song will emerge for Liz: "I'm Still Hurting" which will be on her new CD.

She has a passion for the lyrics here. She has a command of Jason Robert Brown's emotion. And Liz will connect with every woman (and perhaps every man) who has ever loved and had it not live up to the dream we each have in our hearts.

I can't share much of this with you… it wouldn't be fair to the song until it is fully mixed, but on this day when we are NOT in the studio, I wanted to give you a real treat – you can say you heard it here first, BEFORE it became a Liz Seymour Signature Song.

So here's just a snippet of the emotional, heart-wrenching: "I'm Still Hurting."

Please remember – the sound here is only from the small mics on the video camera, you aren't hearing the final orchestration nor the final mix, but you ARE hearing and seeing the emotion with which Liz attacks this power-packed musical number. She's drained each time she sings it… and I can't wait for you to get the CD so you can hear the final version.

It gets to me – I can't look at Liz after she sings it without tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat: she rips my heart into pieces every time.


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