August 5, 2008

Liz Seymour and Josh Young Start Liz Seymour's CD (That Thing Called Love) at Range Studios

The first day of recording was a smashing success. OK… so it started a bit slowly, but then it really picked up as Liz, Gina, Brian, Joe, Brian, Josh, Amanda, Jason, and others got to know each other.

Riffs were flying everywhere. Some music was practiced and played from sheet music and some was improvised to support the sound and feel of the song.

Marc Eimer runs a really good studio (, Joe Mass is an amazing musician, and Brian Ritrovato is talented, patient, and always encouraging while recording.

We can't share much with you right now, but here are Liz Seymour and Josh Young with a small clip from one of the pieces as it's being recorded.

The sound pick-up is from the small mics on the video camera (so don't judge by that) and you'll hear the familiar "click track" (which helps the rhythm section stay together when added later, though it's not on the recording). Believe me, the energy was electric.

Josh is fresh from starring in Les Mis at The Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia and he and Liz have sung together many times (and I think you'll see why!).

Hey… we'll keep you posted. Things are getting pretty exciting around here!

PS: I sent the artists home to sleep. As the producer, I wanted to keep you informed about what we're doing!



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