July 25, 2008


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I had a great meeting with Joe and Gina this morning about instrumentation for the upcoming recording sessions. I have some more organizing to do in order to use everyone's time efficiently.

It is amazing to see how much my life has changed in just a year's time. I am living in a different place, participate in different activities and now have completely different life goals. The one thing I still really love is teaching. I could probably be a teacher for the rest of my life and feel fulfilled. I chose teaching in the first place in order to make a difference in peoples lives. When deciding between performing and teaching, that was the deciding factor.

This time last year I thought that all I wanted to do was teach, be a wife, and start a family. Now that I don't have those family goals in sight, I have really entertained the idea of becoming more active in the arts. My favorite musical is Thoroughly Modern Millie and there will be two productions coming to my area next year, so hopefully I'll be able to portray Millie in one of them. That would be such a dream!

When it comes to putting more performing in my life I think about being a pop artist over being a theatrical performer. I think I'd like either life and yet know that breaking into any form of show business in that capacity would be extremely challenging. I'm just going to take one day at a time at this point and see where the wind takes me. Who knows? My goals may continue to change as time moves on.

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