October 17, 2008

Liz Seymour Sings A Tribute To The Philadelphia Phillies, National League Champions

Did you ever focus really well on something and then succeed?

Did you ever pour your heart and soul into something and see your success increase?

Did you ever feel your attention wander, but then you learned that if you just keep doing your best you will succeed?

Sounds like Liz Seymour. And sounds like the Philadelphia Phillies.

So Liz decided to dedicate a Music Video to the Phillies, champions of the baseball's National League. She saw that their success, their drive, their energy and dedication mirrored her own, and as long as they kept their eye on the ball (pun intended!), they succeeded. And that's what SHE is doing too.

So… here with the powerful music of Gimme Gimme (first made famous by Broadway star Sutton Foster when she appeared in "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (and now is Fiona in "Shrek The Musical")), is Liz singing Gimme Phillies, and showing that their success is That Thing Called Love.

Go Phils! And Go Liz!

Liz Seymour Sings A Tribute To The Philadelphia Phillies – Click Here To Watch!


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