October 13, 2008

Liz Seymour and Columbus Day Weekend

It has been a busy weekend!

The weekend started with cleaning my apartment on Friday afternoon. You'll soon see this was a common theme this weekend. HA! Friday night also included having friends over for dinner, which was really fun.

On Saturday, a friend from high school returned to Young People's Theatre Workshop (www.yptw.org) to do a master class with one of the acting classes. The master class was a glimpse into the work of comedy and improv. It was a really great class and the kids did a great job. Improv and warm up games that are associated with it can be intimidating because you have to really let go and open yourself up. They were super!

Later that night, I returned to the theater to do a cabaret. I didn't really comprehend how much I was singing until I got the order of the night. I was really honored to be so featured and I think the night went really well. The next day, I joined some of my YPTW students at Plush Mills, a retirement home near the theater, to entertain an older generation through song. I love doing performances like that because the audience really appreciates it, even if you don't get the direct feedback like you would at a traditional theatrical performance.

Liz Seymour and Chris McBride sing Suddenly Seymour at the Plush Mill Retirement Community

When I returned home on Sunday after the performance, I did more cleaning and tried to nurse my clogged kitchen sink back to health. The plunger and draino haven't seemed to take affect yet, but time will tell. I also vacuumed, which was a chore that went to the wayside due to all my CD work and Seussical performances.

I have the day off today due to Christopher Columbus day. I allowed myself to stay in bed longer and just rest. I did some email and laundry and then decided to go for a walk at my local park. I've learned over the past year that I really need to take care of myself by doing things just for me. I tend to be a bit more maternal and try to take care of everyone around me first. As I walked, I listened to my ipod on the shuffle setting to allow all the many genres to mix. Spending time alone with my ipod and the open air really lets me be self reflective, which is funny because I'm taking a graduate education course on that right now, so I've been doing a lot of reflective thinking as a teacher, but today I could focus just on me. I'm glad to see how far I've come and glad to see that I've now surrounded myself with people that really care about me and encourage me to do things to take care of myself.

So, on this CC Day, I think I've made good use of my time off. I really needed to get back to my household chores to feel good about where I live, and I needed to take some time out just to think about life, as corny as that may seem.

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