June 16, 2008

PALCS Graduation

On Saturday, the PA Leadership Charter School (cyber school) held its fourth graduation. The school opened its doors in the 2004-2005 school year and I joined as an elementary teacher in January of 2007. All teachers (who were available) attended the event as the senior class moves on to other things.

The ceremony was in Lancaster, PA and all participating families and staff traveled there to partake. Many travel hours just to have the experience of a graduation. It is nice to be at an event that means so much to the students and families. At this point, however, I do not know any seniors because I teach 6th grade and the students that I've taught haven't made it to graduation yet. Hopefully in a few years the graduation will mean even more because I will be a part of the education that helped them graduate.

We arrived at 11am, had lunch with the students, practiced our procession, and then returned to put on caps and gowns. That is always a production. See some pictures below from the teachers posing in their garb.

We had to stand outside for a while after the ceremony to grab a picture. It was very hot and muggy. I was in the back, so I'm not even sure you could see me since I'm so short. After that long process, we were able to go inside for the reception. After that, I started to feel a little sick from the heat! It was really a scorcher.

Since we made the near two hour trip out there, some friends and I stayed for some outlet shopping to complete the day. Oh, the Gap was the death of me!

Liz and Sarah                                                      Krissy and Liz

The 6th grade team! Liz, Jenn, and Becky

The gals! We looked nice all cleaned up!

Sarah, Becky, Liz, Erica

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