May 28, 2008

The Phillies, Tufts University Night, and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

When my dad asked mom and me to join him at the Phillies game tonight, I knew that it was my ONLY night free for about two weeks. But I enjoy the game and my family, so I said yes.

Little could I imagine what fun we'd have on this Tufts University Alumni Association Night at the Phillies.

We started with a tour behind-the-scenes in the ballpark. Radio and TV booths, press box, special dining areas exclusive to those paying the cost of membership, a private suite, the press conference room (oh, yeh… that's my Dad being silly in the video), and other places that the general public seldom sees.

And then when we were on the field (yep… right ON the field as the Phillies were holding batting practice), up walks Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter who was hosting political leaders from surrounding counties.

I have to admit: I was a bit star-struck when I saw the Mayor. "Hi, Mr. Mayor" was about all I could get out.

But my dad knows him, did a whole video project, "A Week in the Life of Councilman Michael Nutter" a few years ago, and even appears in a cool rap video on YouTube with the Mayor. You can see THAT video with Mayor Michael Nutter rapping with my dad, Charles Seymour Jr, by clicking here!

So… the Mayor walks right over to my dad and the two of them hug and chat like long-lost friends. Then the Mayor was onto the field to say hi to several of the players… who seemed a bit star-struck too!

And to top it all off, the Phillies won… AGAIN. And scored 6 more runs, including two home runs that came out to right field near where we were sitting. They're like a scoring machine right now.

Great night!

Enjoy this video so you can see what we were up to:

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