September 6, 2008

Liz Seymour – That Thing Called Love CD Progress Report

Liz and Gina are safely home, catching a quick evening's nap before they turn around again and head to Young People's Theatre Workshop for the first day of class for the fall of 2008.

Liz Seymour – That Thing Called Love is now in the hands of Brian Ritrovato the Chief Engineer and recording specialist at Range Recording Studios for this CD. Hey, besides being a great guy, he's been extremely helpful throughout this process.

All the tracks were finished on Friday in a marathon 9-hour session. We're exhausted and exhilarated at the same time! Several more instruments were recorded, some synth work, and some quick fixes and we're done.

Over the next few weeks we'll release to you several Music Videos to support this CD and then we'll tell you where you can get your own copy.

But for now… we'll take a short rest as the tropical storm blankets our area with rain.

Maybe it's now time for you to leave us your name and email address here on the site so that when the CD is ready, we can share a Special Offer with you. To Register for, Click Here!

To all involved with this CD, I say, "A job well done."

It was a LOT of work (and LOTS of fun!).



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