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Hi, it's Liz!

Some days I wondered if I would ever get to this point… but my CD is Now Available! YEAHHHH!

It's been months of hard work: planning, scheduling, working with Gina Giachero our Music Director (and a great friend!), finding musicians, getting photographs prepared, Music Videos (and a trip to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon for my Gimme Gimme Music Video! and to Burlap and Bean Coffeehouse and Roastery for my Taylor, The Latte Boy Music Video), press releases, getting CDs duplicated, posters printed, setting up our Shopping Cart so you can purchase everything right here on my site. Oh, and yes… there was even some singing!

Preparing a CD is SO much more than going into the studio to sing (which was my favorite part!). It takes a team to do all of this, and I'm so grateful that so many people have helped me.

Now it's YOUR turn. Please click the Buy Now button so you can learn ALL about my CD – I find all of this very exciting and hope you will too!

All of this is SO exciting. I've been dreaming about this for many years and now it's come true. Please join me, ok?

Thanks for coming to my website. I look forward to sharing my music with you when you purchase a CD or downloadable files of all my music.

I'll chat soon!

Liz Seymour
To Learn More About My CD, Please Click Here!

PS: My site has the best prices AND offers more than any other site. Please be sure to click the Buy Now button so you can see all that we have to offer. I can hardly believe how much we packed in here!